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Gnome 42 introduced LibAdwaita theming. LibAdwaita controls the theming of applications that use it and some parts of the desktop. To create a system wide theme for Gnome now requires a legacy gtk theme and a libadawaita theme. SbK will create LibAdwaita themes for all SbK themes going forward and the release color theme will be included in all future SbK Gnome releases. SpinLibAdwaita packages with the same name as the tarballs below can be found in the SbK repository. Because of the location required for these themes to work, as set out in the next paragraph, the repository package will only install the theme for the user who is logged in.
At present the theme will only work when placed in the users ~/.config/gtk-4.0 folder.  If a user wants to change the theme of a SbK Gnome release they will have to install a SpinLibAdwaita package or replace or remove the gtk.css and assets folder manually in ~/.config/gtk-4.0 or the original theme from the release will remain in place.
Below you will find links to SpinLibAdwaita theme tarballs that match the SpinThemeDark of the same color name. At this time there is no plan to go back and create all the old SpinThemeDark colors, though those used in Gnome releases in the past may be done. Since old SpinThemeDark themes can be used on most desktops, any matching SpinLibAdwaita color theme not found below can be requested by messaging me on the Manjaro forum.






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