About the project

Spins by Kilz is a one person project right now. It is my way of giving back to the Linux community in some small part for all that I have received over the past 17 years.

There are three main parts to this project:

The Spins.
I create unofficial spins of Manjaro based on the stable branch. These spins use the theming created and stored in the repository. I have no want or need to create yet another distribution. My goal is to make each desktop look and function at its best.

The Themes
The project creates Grub, LightDM, Icon, Gtk, Kvantum, Cinnamon, and Gnome shell themes. While the theme packages may be named for a specific desktop, they should work with the others. The exception is KDE, its theming is very different than the others. Since I use Lightdm, its the only display manager with themes in the repo.

The Repository.
This holds all of the packages I have created. It is Manjaro Linux and should be Arch Linux compatible but have not been tested on Arch. Most of the packages deal with theming of the Linux desktop. There are also some applications from the AUR and those I have forked.


Security is a main focus of the project. Not because there have been security problems in the projects past, there have been none. It is more of a focus to eliminate any potential problems.
The project has been creating spins since November 17, 2019. The projects good name and the good will we have created with SbK users is irreplaceable. In order to make sure end users are safe we use one EdDSA key to sign all packages and iso's. The private key and its passphrase is held by one person, James Bielefeldt the projects creator. No one else has access to the private key, and no one else creates packages for the repository or creates iso releases. The projects packages are signed, and the signature is checked by package managers before they are installed. Iso's are also signed and end users can check the signature before installing.
Please rest assured that I will do everything I can to make sure the software we provide is safe.