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I think that a news feature will be helpful just to let anyone who is interested know whats going on. There may not be a lot of updates, but I will try and post important changes and events.

The 21.3.4 update dropped this morning. Its only been 21 days since Manjaro was updated to the 21.3.1 series, but I am going to create the SbK 21.3.4 series. Updates to stable have been over a month at times in the past. If the next update takes that long there would to much time between releases. I have all the packages created and uploaded and I will start making the iso's soon.

I went ahead with spinning the Kora icon set. I created a color change script and created the base package (KoraSpinBase). The base package is in the SbK repository, but it only has grey folders. Kora will not be in the next release because the icons for it are already done, but they will be in the one after that.

I am getting a little bit bored at the moment. So I am looking for ways to improve the spins. FlatRemix icons are nice, but the appeal they once had is swiftly fading. I have been looking at the Kora icon set. There is a good chance I may Spin it. It likely wont appear for two releases if I do.

7/6/2022 The 21.3.1 series has been out for about a week and Manjaro has updated to 21.3.2. I long ago gave up the idea of making two or more series in the same month. One or even two series is not hard to update to on a rolling release distro. That being said the themes for the next series are done.

 I think I misunderstood what was said on a update post on the Manjaro forum. I thought that the 22.0 series was next, and Manjaro did not update the lsb-release package that shows the release version. So I named the last SbK series 22.1.b. Then Manjaro released 21.3 after the SbK 22.1.b series was released. In the future I will not advance the series number if that happens again, instead I will create a point release.
 At present all the theming is done for the next series. Its likely to be 21.4 or 21.5 with the release coming after the next stable update. I will delete the 22.1.b iso's from OSDN site once the next release is posted since the numbering will be off.
  Earlier this week I did some repository maintenance. I removed some ancient packages from a very old repository on OSDN. I created some empty package databases and uploaded them to OSDN so any users that still have not moved to the new repository will not get any errors.

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