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I think that a news feature will be helpful just to let anyone who is interested know whats going on. There may not be a lot of updates, but I will try and post important changes and events.

 I think I misunderstood what was said on a update post on the Manjaro forum. I thought that the 22.0 series was next, and Manjaro did not update the lsb-release package that shows the release version. So I named the last SbK series 22.1.b. Then Manjaro released 21.3 after the SbK 22.1.b series was released. In the future I will not advance the series number if that happens again, instead I will create a point release.
 At present all the theming is done for the next series. Its likely to be 21.4 or 21.5 with the release coming after the next stable update. I will delete the 22.1.b iso's from OSDN site once the next release is posted since the numbering will be off.
  Earlier this week I did some repository maintenance. I removed some ancient packages from a very old repository on OSDN. I created some empty package databases and uploaded them to OSDN so any users that still have not moved to the new repository will not get any errors.

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