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 Anyone who has seen a few of the spins has likely noticed the abundance of flower and butterfly themes. The main reason for that is I love gardening.
 I am an organic and budget gardener. I reuse, recycle, and make compost to save money.

Part of gardening is saving seeds. It has a lot of advantages including saving money and having plants adapt to your growing conditions. But once you have the seed, you have to store them. Paper envelopes are great for saving seeds, but a quick look on eBay will have you spending a pretty penny for them. I have made 3 envelope templates that are under a Creative Commons license. Feel free to download, use, and share them. Simply cut out the envelope shape, fold in the tabs, glue (I use 10 for $1 glue sticks from Dollar Tree) or tape the tabs. The envelopes end up costing about a penny each.